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Robert Dennison on Crocodile Warrior
I love you. I've been looking for a figure like this for some time :D Thanks a million for replying!

Sealegs on Crocodile Warrior
The figure is probably 3 or 4 inches tall. It's about $13 dollars made by Papo toys. Search Papo crocodile mutant ...

Robert Dennison on Crocodile Warrior
I'm very interested. Where did you come upon such a figurine? How big is it?

Carol Ann on Pillar of Light
Oh striking ! I have sat here going through many, many photos of yours. To comment on many, many Keep going. The ...

Carol Ann on Memorial
oh the light makes it Nick. Thumbs up.

Carol Ann on Happy New Year!
Super effect Nick. Keep them coming. I like this.

Carol Ann on Multi-Color
oh love this take the colors pop right out.

Carol Ann on Curve
This was a good challenge with your camera. I like it.

Carol Ann on Morning Lighthouse
oh I like.

Carol Ann on Hide & Seek
Nice when you get your subjects unexpectedly but you nailed it again. Love it.

Carol Ann on Talking Bird
When we went to Mexico my eldest son took pictures of these beauties. My son is a photographer, cartoonist, airbrushes ...

Carol Ann on Falls
Oh a keeper. Nick you are such an adventures guy.

Carol Ann on Barn
Beautiful take Nick.

Carol Ann on Inside
oh thanks for the effective way you take care of the camera and you still want to shoot on rainy days. I mean if the ...

Carol Ann on Ice Cave
You said it right. Nice light.

Carol Ann on End in sight!
Don said it all. I agree with this take you did.

Carol Ann on Droplets in the Dark
This is nice. You sure do apply different takes of experiments. Why not. If your don't experiment. You would ...

Carol Ann on Farm
I have a take similar I had done ten minutes from my place. The house in the distance. I love this. You did a 3 ...

Carol Ann on Big Rock in the Forest
I have similar in my back yard but yours is a little larger then mine. Love the moss on yours.

Carol Ann on Yet Another Path
oh this is really nice.

Carol Ann on Path to Somewhere Else...
Spot on like the fog. Bridge beautiful!

Carol Ann on Path to Somewhere...
Oh this is see rel !

Carol Ann on Face to face...
I live where there is black bears. They are beautiful. Ours show up in Spring and stay till Nov Hibernating time. ...

Carol Ann on Safeco Field
Nick this is really, really good. I have liked all the variety you have shown in your photography taking.

Carol Ann on Seattle's Great Wheel
One of my fav when I was young. You nailed this clarity. Everything about this is spot on.

Carol Ann on Pipe Dream
At first I thought it was a train. Love that curve or bend. Way to go. Your photography gets better and better.

Carol Ann on Tick Tock
Oh your sure did a good clarity on this. Magnificent! The colors are so outstanding and the hands of the clock . ...

Carol Ann on Fireworks
Excellent fire and the crackling of it. The cruise ship awesome!!!!! I was on a cruise ship. I loved it.

Carol Ann on Port Hardy, BC
Ya Canada. I am a Canadian. Proud of it. Beautiful!!

Carol Ann on Reflection
Nick this is beautiful!

Carol Ann on Foggy Swamp
This is really nice with the fog behind. I live in the country and these takes make good postcards as well.

Carol Ann on Stripes
You shot this. Oh my this is a awesome take.

Carol Ann on The Fog
i like this. Dreamy and I love tree photos. I am a fan of Don. Do you know Don?

Carol Ann on Moment in time
You did a fast shutter speed. So that is how you did it. See I am learning. Love it.

Carol Ann on Yellow
Thumbs up. Do you know the name of it. Be nice if you looked the name up. It is beautiful! I do not know every name ...

Carol Ann on Panoramic
Panorama look. Awesome!

Carol Ann on Bright
You did well Nick. Love this.

Carol Ann on Blades
Do you use a program if you want to cut. I do.this is very nice. I also use size to size them. In one of my blogs. I ...

Carol Ann on Morning Robins
Nice Nick. Love the way you got the fence and the birds. Nice you have a park such as this. Do you go out in the ...

Carol Ann on Blue
This parrot is beautiful! Nice clarity. Awesome job! I like how you have your blog set up. I am not a person doing ...

Carol Ann on Barbed
See how you do the fence and then you then continue to bur it. Is that purposely? I like this at end.. ...

Carol Ann on Portrait
I am trying to do the background faded inside the house. Seems okay outside like yours on some. I love dogs. This is a ...

Carol Ann on Crocodile Warrior
I am trying myself to learn stilsl. My first visit. I think I was at your brothers first and asked him a question. ...

Jeff on WWII Veteran
Nice portrait. It captures his personality well.

Jeff on Pillar of Light
A pretty, striking night image. Congrats on the spotlight.

David on Pillar of Light
Great balance of light and dark.

Denise on Pillar of Light
Congratulations on this Spotlight!

Elaine Hancock on Pillar of Light
Gorgeous! Congratulations on the Spotlight!

Dana on Pillar of Light
Excellent! 5*****

Andrew Atkinson on Pillar of Light

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